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The PLJ - Portuguese Language Journal invites the submission of original, unpublished manuscripts on Second Language Acquisition, Methodology of Foreign Languages Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Literary Criticism, Pedagogy, and also reviews of books, multimedia and other pedagogical material connected to the teaching and learning of Portuguese.


PLJ seeks articles exploring the following themes:


  • Why study Portuguese?

  • How can we promote the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language?

  • How can we increase in enrollment in Portuguese?

  • Pedagogical and linguistic research

  • Classroom activities and methodologies

  • Use of technology in the Portuguese classroom

  • Program development for study abroad programs

  • Assessment

  • New materials

  • Teaching Portuguese to Spanish Speakers

  • Book reviews


Contributors should observe the following:


  • Both Portuguese and English are languages of publication.

  • Submit manuscripts in Word format to the submission page.

  • List authors' names, institutions, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers, if available.

  • Include, both in Portuguese and English, a 200 word abstract and up to 6 keywords.

  • Include a brief biographical statement of each author (200 words or less).

  • Article submissions should be at least 6,000 words but no more than 10,000 words in length.

  • Review submissions should be at least 750 words but no more than 1,000 words in length. 

  • Manuscripts submitted to PLJ should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style and follow the APA format. PLJ editors reserve the right to make stylistic changes in any accepted articles.

  • ORCID iDs are required for corresponding authors of published papers.


Authors need to be members of the American Organization of Teachers of Portuguese in good standing at the time of publication.


PLJ Review Process:


Submissions undergo a two-stage review process:


  • Editors will determine whether a manuscript fits the general scope of the journal.

  • Priority will be given to authors who are first contributing to the PLJ. Previous authors must wait two years before submitting a new manuscript.

  • Following the editors’ review, the submissions undergo double-blind peer-review by 2-3 experts.

  • Editors notify authors of the receipt of manuscripts and inform them of the final review decision.

  • Reviewers will submit an “approve”, “approved with revisions”, or “declined” decision. If the reviewers' response is favorable, authors undertake the necessary revisions and resubmit the manuscript


Plagiarism policy:

The PLJ does not tolerate plagiarism in any form. All manuscripts submitted for publication to PLJ are cross-checked for plagiarism using an anti-plagiarism software. Manuscripts found to be plagiarized during initial stages of review are  rejected and not considered for publication in the journal.


Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:

  • Directly copying text from other sources without attribution.

  • Copying ideas, images, or data from other sources without attribution.

  • Reusing text from your own previous publications without attribution or agreement of the editor.​

  • Using an idea from another source with slightly modified language without attribution.

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